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Family History Package:

-Includes a personalized family history documented in a pedigree form for your care provider.

-Discussion of "red flags" in a family history,

-Education about genetics and testing, including benefits and limitations.

-Assistance finding genetic services if indicated.

-Consultation fee:  $250.00


Nurse Navigator:

-Accompany patient to medical appointment using expertise to help the patient navigate the medical system.

-Provide expertise and education regarding medical concerns.

-Provide therapeutic support during medical appointments.

-Documentation of discussion regarding finding, recommendations, and follow-up plan of care.




-Discuss how Pharmacogenomics works

-Provide education about how it may be used

-Help understand the benefits and limitations.



Group Presentations:

60 minute presentations on Pharmacogenomics, Genetics, or Genomics.

*Custom presentations available.



-Complimentary Reiki mini-session with consultations.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. I earned my Master in Reiki to help my patients with stress and pain.



**Services are not covered by insurance, payment expected at time of service or billing.

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